Yael Getz Schoen views art as means of communication and self-expression. In her art, she focuses on personal interpretation of physical scape from landscape to built form. She uses different techniques depending on the view she interprets- pencil, charcoal, watercolor and acrylic. Both in her architectural designs and artwork she looks to capture natural light and connection to nature through spontaneous moments interpreted in a modern expression. She thrives to simplify the vision and emphasize the light quality in an abstract representation that is harmonic and full of character. Growing up in Israel, she’s been fascinated by the Mediterranean and its ability to change in color, texture and light quality. She works to capture this transforming dynamic quality of light in her art and architecture. Her appreciation to the natural scape provides inspiration to many of her art themes as well as her commitment to the environment in her architectural designs.

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Acrylic                                        Sketches                                  Watercolor