H5 House


Belmont |  2014

Conceptual Design

Contemporary home for a family of 5. Upper floor with 4 bedrooms, each with private bathroom. Master bedroom features a walk in closet and a balcony. First floor organized as open floor plan with open space above dining area to increase light penetration and connection to upper floor. Upper floor bridge watching over the open space allows for small sitting area and library. First floor includes a home office and a guest room.  Street facing facade is mostly solid, except for entry windows. Emphasis on privacy of bedrooms but at the same time full connection between spaces. Upper floor bedrooms organized around common space, and this common space connects to the lower more public floor. Full basement, garage access on first floor. Facades a combination of acetylated cedar sidings and stone veneer.  Sloped roof allows for large area of photovoltaic paneling, as well as a clearstory facing north to insert diffused light through the second floor common space to the dining area below.

2300 SF