Lexington Residence


Lexington Residence, Lexington MA    |  2012

Conceptual Design for renovation of a single family house in Lexington, for a family of 4. The renovation includes increasing the attic space and finishing for a work/play space, complete basement finish into home office with full bathroom with potential to turn into in-laws unit, and an external addition of a sun room, deck and alternative main entrance to the house.

2100 SF

The house is a 50’s hipped roof, with walk out basement on a large sloped corner lot adjacent to reservation land.
However, it only features 3 bedrooms with no additional den space or play area. The attic is low and used for storage, and the basement, although a full walk-out, is unfinished and used for storage only. The main entrance faces a busy road and is not being used. The back access which is informal, and enters directly into the kitchen.

The owners are looking to utilize their existing space more efficiently, as well as expanding to the house to accommodate an home office, play area, a more prominent entrance, organized storage space and an additional bathroom.

The design consists of 3 elements:
Addition of 2 large roof dormers, to accommodate the attic stair and a small built in work area.
An external addition of a sun-room replacing the existing unused open deck. A new main entrance to the house is incorporated into the sun-room so the first view upon entering the house is the beautiful forest in the back. The sun room extends to an outdoor deck a few stairs above the lower ground level.
A new layout for a finished basement, including a large home office, a full bathroom and built-in storage areas. A section of the basement is closed up and left unfinished for the furnace and oil tank.