Cambridge Fresh Pond Parkway Development

Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge, MA  |  2012

At YGS DD With Andrew Hartness from Hartness Vision LLC
Development Proposal

A proposal for a mixed use multifamily housing for mixed income population on site of abandoned restaurant building in Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge MA facing the Fresh pond.  The site has been abandoned for many years in spite of the prime location. The proposal carefully considers visual lines of adjacent properties toward the pond view.  A high density multi family building, with a commercial ground floor with variety of apartment layouts and sizes from studio to 3 bedrooms. Parking for the residents is provided on ground behind the commercial portion of the building and several spaces accessible from the side of the lot for commercial use. The stepped unit organization allows for views and terraces for all of the units and is making use of green roofs to achieve a sustainable design.

19,500 SF